How to rent a car in Paphos?

Rent a car in Paphos

South West Cyprus can be your most fabulous holiday if you take care of a good car hire Paphos. This resort town is ready to pleasantly surprise you with its quality of service, beauty and unforgettable emotions. But first, you need to get a vehicle.

How can you book a car in Paphos in the most effortless way?

  1. Take your time with this process and submit your application as early as possible.
  2. Look at the types of vehicles and choose the most appropriate one.
  3. Open the list of all offers in this segment and scroll through several options.
  4. Choose the best model (based on comparison of features and price with others).
  5. Book Now.
  6. Specify rental dates, extra options, and other possibilities.
  7. Try to rent a car Paphos airport if possible.

As confirmation of your reservation, you will receive a corresponding notification by email and telephone number specified in the application.

Car rental prices in Paphos

You don't need to take risks with local rental agencies when renting a car in Paphos. Many international companies are happy to help you with any type of vehicle: Noleggiare, Wiber, Autounion Paphos, Centauro, Goldcar, Locauto, and others.

The price for a vehicle will be lower if you:

  • Avoid additional costs and hidden fees (they are always visible in the final amount on the receipt)
  • Get a membership in a large company (This will provide you with access to special offers and bonuses)
  • Pick up a vehicle at the airport as soon as you arrive
  • Aim for long-term car rental
  • Try not to book on weekends.

Save this list because it will be helpful to anywhere in the world where you need a long trip.

Payment Features

Many tourists experience anxiety when it comes to paying for services. Each country has characteristics and specifications that cannot be learned by heart. But you don’t have to worry, because renting a car in Paphos is simple.

There are several payment methods:

  • Bonus points (Requires extensive experience with one company)
  • Paper money (Euro)
  • Plastic cards (debit or credit).

No matter what method you choose to pay your bill, you will always receive the option of renting without a deposit and free cancellation. Start your reservation now to get even more opportunities.

Types of car hire Paphos

Finding the correct type of vehicle can be a real headache for inexperienced drivers. There are so many differences, and hundreds of models exist in each segment. But which one to choose? Paphos car rentals will find you the best of the best.

What are the most popular types of vehicles in southwestern Cyprus?

  • Small - Economy segment is a lifeline for budget tourism
  • Mid-size - Sedans and wagons are a solid upgrade from hatchbacks
  • Convertibles - There is no better vehicle for travelling around the Mediterranean resort towns
  • SUVs can be expensive and mid-range options but are always roomy and powerful.

Do you have doubts about choosing the right type of vehicle? Then, open offers for various kinds and carefully compare the best options to make your reservation as convenient as possible on your trip.

What documents are needed to rent a car in Paphos?

Your suitcase doesn’t have to be full of papers to get a car rental Paphos. Most companies in Cyprus will approve your reservation with just a few documents:

  • Passport (Also Visa or ID card)
  • Driver's license (Also IDP).

You do not need a printed reservation certificate; you only need to say your name. And remember, the sooner you make your online reservation, the greater your discount will be.

Best places to go in a Car Rental Paphos?

Cheap car rentals in Paphos give you access to many local attractions, making your holiday much more enjoyable. Here are just a few fantastic places you should go:

  • Tomb of Kings - First on the list for lovers of ancient architecture
  • Paphos Mosaics - Inspiringly sized paintings assembled from small pieces
  • Coastal Castle - A large-scale structure with a unique history
  • Coral Bay - Amazing underwater world with the possibility of diving excursions
  • Adonis Baths - True peace and warmth will find you here.

We haven't touched on the famous restaurants, the Old Town, and many other attractions that will please you.

What do you need to know before visiting the island of Cyprus?

Cyprus is a unique island, but despite its similarities with neighbouring resort countries, it has many features. We recommend keeping this list so that you keep sight of even the obvious things.

Here's what tourists should know before travelling to Cyprus:

  • 21 years is the minimum age required to get a car
  • UK sockets require a special adapter (ask at the reception desk at the hotel)
  • People speak fluent English here, but also Greek and Turkish
  • The euro is the main currency here
  • Left-side traffic!

Driving Rules

Most traffic rules will be familiar to you. They are all intuitive, but there are some features:

  • 23 milligrams of alcohol in the blood is the way to the police station
  • Imprisonment for driving under drugs
  • The speed limit on the highway is 80-100 km/h and 30-60 for the city
  • Kids under 12 years old must be in a child seat
  • The left side of the traffic flow
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel always (Do not talk on the phone, do not eat or drink).

If you break the rules, you will avoid substantial financial burdens like in other European countries. But it's better to follow the law.


Finding a parking space in the resort towns of Cyprus will not bother you 24/7. Most cities (Paphos is no exception) have all the amenities for comfortable travel at any time, but there are nuances.

Your parking will be free if:

  • There is a "P" sign
  • You left your car near a Mall or restaurant (which offers parking)
  • You left the car for 20 minutes.

But you won't have to pay much if you're unlucky with a free space:

  • 0.5 Euro (per hour) for five or more hours
  • 3 Euro for 150 minutes
  • 2 Euro for 60 minutes.

Toll Roads

Every road in Cyprus is free and has no travel restrictions. Therefore, you can explore any path without fear of getting fined.

But you should stay away from NATO and European military bases.

Renting a car in Paphos: Pros vs Cons

Pathos car rentals can be the best solution for your trip or a headache. We have compiled a list of the most popular pros and cons that will help you understand the experiences of other drivers here.

What are the Pros?

  • It's not hard to find cheap rentals
  • Most companies have a high level of reliability
  • Lots of extra options at an affordable price
  • No problems with parking or toll roads
  • Each vehicle is in excellent technical condition.

The Cons:

  • Short-term car rentals can be much more expensive than more extended periods
  • The tourist season may leave you without a car (if you have not made a reservation)
  • You should always have Euros, but not other currencies
  • Driving on the left could be confusing.

Travel tips for Cyprus

We found many handy tips that you should write down in your notebook. Take your car hire Paphos, and use these tips to the fullest.

  1. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the nightlife in Paphos.
  2. Drive only after 10-12 hours of drinking alcohol.
  3. Remember that the right lane is not for you.
  4. Always make an early car reservation (7-14 days is optimal).
  5. Set aside a separate day to explore the area.
  6. Take care with climate control, as it can get boiling here.

So book now.

When is the best time to rent a car in Paphos?

The graph below shows car rental prices in Paphos depending on the month and season.

This information will help you choose a more profitable trip.

10 $
11 $
12 $
20 $
24 $
25 $
30 $
32 $
31 $
31 $
17 $
13 $

Benefits of booking a rental car through RentCarFy

  • we provide our services in many countries in Europe and Asia
  • you can book cars from local rental companies through our website
  • low prices: cheaper than international rental agencies
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  • car rental without deposit
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  • car delivery to the airport or hotel
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  • second driver in the contract
  • payment by cash and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, UnionPay, American Express)
  • additional services: child car seat, SIM card