Why rent a car in Budva?

Rent a car in Budva

You can walk, or rent a car for any purpose. Regardless of the reasons why you came to the beautiful city of Montenegro, the time spent here will be much more enjoyable in a comfortable vehicle. Do you need to rent a car in Budva or is it better to use public transport? Let's find out!

5 reasons why renting a vehicle in Budva is lifesaving:

  1. Freedom to plan. Have you made your plan, but are not sure that you can implement it in full? Are you afraid of being tied to and dependent on local infrastructure? Take the keys and build your path!
  2. Distant places are no barrier. You can always visit the most distant locations along beautiful roads with incredible scenery in maximum comfort. Take the keys and explore the beauty of Car rent Budva!
  3. The highest level of comfort. Pleasant air conditioning, your favorite music, and the convenience of a modern rental car will give you exceptional emotions without a negative trace. Public transport cannot boast of this.
  4. Cheap car rentals in Budva save money. Compare prices for taxis and other types of public transport and you will realize that sometimes having your wheels can be much cheaper. An SUV, convertible, or sedan at a competitive price will open you up all of Montenegro.
  5. Rent a car in Budva to get more of Montenegro. A business meeting, a trip with the family, or everyday tasks are much easier to solve when you have wheels in your pocket. There is no need to wait, stop on every street, or interact with other people. You are in your car for today.

Car Rental Budva Price

Montenegro is one of the most budget-friendly countries in all of Europe. The rental car market is no exception, because where can you find your car for 20-30 euros per day? In Albania (but this is a topic for a separate review). During the active tourist season (summer), prices can double.

The criteria for determining the price from the rental company are as follows:

  • Seasonality (half the price out of season)
  • Vehicle type (Economy small cars are the best rental deal)
  • Additional options (CDW Insurance, free cancellation, delivery to the desired location, Child seat, and other services are paid separately)

The comparison chart will help you figure it out:

Car class Rental price per day
Economy Car 15-30 €
Standard Car 20-40 €
SUV 30-80 €
Convertible 30-60 €
Luxury car 50-100 €

Available options for car rental in Budva

Rental agencies offer a wide range of additional services for their clients. But we will analyze the most interesting and popular among most tourists:

  • no deposit for Budva car rental (0 down payment)
  • cash payment (or credit card)
  • transfer to your desired location
  • child seat
  • insurance and certification.

What option are you missing for long term car rental?

What cars can be rented in Budva?

Depending on your goals for visiting the beautiful cities of Montenegro, you have a fairly wide selection of vehicles at your disposal. Therefore, you don’t have to get stuck in narrow city streets in a huge SUV.

Here is a list of vehicle types:

  1. Economy. Small, economical cars are the best choice. They require little gasoline and parking space.
  2. SUV. A huge, roomy motorhome that can comfortably transport your entire family to the desired destination.
  3. Sedan. Choice for businessmen. Optimal comfort and business-like appearance.
  4. Convertible. Nextlevel adventures. The sun shines brighter, the wind is nicer and the mountains are higher when you're driving in a convertible. The best car rental for 1 day.
  5. Electric car rental. The advantage of electrically powered vehicles needs no explanation.

Which rental companies provide their services in Budva

Localrent, Europcar, Avis, and Hertz these companies offer their car rental services all over the world. Montenegro is no exception. Here you can find offers not only from large international brands and small local ones. There is no big difference between them, except perhaps the price and service (large companies provide more options and choice of vehicles).

Rent a car Budva reviews

We studied the features of the Montenegrin car rental market to understand what people think about these services. Most of the reviews left speak of a positive experience, emphasizing the pleasant pricing policy, good condition of the cars, and a large selection of options.

Based on the reviews, despite the relatively small number of offers, the level of services provided by rental companies is high. What is your impression and what would you compare Montenegro to?

What documents are needed to hire a car in Budva?

Renting a car in Budva does not require special permission from the government and several documents. To book now you just need to provide:

  1. International driver's license. As a rule, any local or international ID is sufficient.
  2. Passport or ID card. Identity verification is a necessary process for obtaining permission to rent a vehicle.
  3. Bank card. Some companies also accept cash, but working with a bank card is much easier and safer.
  4. Rental coupon or reservation. Pre-ordering can greatly simplify and speed up the time it takes to receive your wheels.

We recommend that you first study all the information necessary for renting from the company manager. Technical support will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information, driving experience and necessary documents.

When is the best time to rent a car in Budva?

The graph below shows car rental prices in Budva depending on the month and season.

This information will help you choose a more profitable trip.

15 $
14 $
14 $
19 $
24 $
38 $
45 $
44 $
36 $
18 $
16 $
15 $

Benefits of booking a rental car through RentCarFy

  • we provide our services in many countries in Europe and Asia
  • you can book cars from local rental companies through our website
  • low prices: cheaper than international rental agencies
  • large selection of economy and luxury cars
  • pay only 15-20% through the website. The balance is upon receipt of the car
  • car rental without deposit
  • free cancellation up to 48 hours
  • car delivery to the airport or hotel
  • all cars are insured
  • second driver in the contract
  • payment by cash and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, UnionPay, American Express)
  • additional services: child car seat, SIM card